Relax & Wind Down With These Crossword Puzzle Day Memes

Believe it or not, before Words With Friends, there were actual words with friends, on paper: the crossword puzzle. Growing up, I was never really into crossword puzzles but would always see my mom filling one in while I played my Gameboy Color (RIP old-school Nintendo). It wasn’t until I got a little bit older, that there was a Scrabble club in my middle school, that I started to enjoy doing crossword puzzles. I’ve always had a thing for words, which is why I write. But 10 year old me wanted to spend time playing Pokemon Sapphire during a car ride instead of filling out a crossword puzzle. It wasn’t until one day that my game died that I started to like crossword puzzles. My ten-year-old brain saw it as a challenge, and true to my Capricorn sign, I can’t refuse a challenge.

I actually love filling out crossword puzzles now as a way to relax and wind down when I’m stressed out or just want to take a break from technology (scary, amirite?). Enough about me, onto a little history of the crossword puzzle: it first became a hit when the “New York World” first released one in a December 21st, 1913 edition. Years later, people still love it. Some ways to celebrate National Crossword Puzzle Day are to join a crossword tournament, make your own crossword, and challenge some friends.

Crossword and chill for National Crossword Puzzle Day? Sounds good to us. Oh, and a good meme or seven never hurt anyone.

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