Celebrate Winter Solstice With These Must-See Memes

Winter is coming…

Actually it’s here today! Or for most of us, it’s already felt like winter for the past few weeks now.

Winter means cheesy holiday movies, warm snuggles with your coziest blanket, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and snow days. But it also means shoveling, skidding on the ice, air so cold your face hurts and much more darkness. It really makes you appreciate the indoors, doesn’t it?

Embrace the winter wonderland before the cold really kicks in over the next few months and the snow turns black from the cars and the dirt. Maybe channel your inner artist and write about the cold months like some of history’s greatest poets, go ice skating with your friends, take pictures of all the Christmas trees you can find and wear your sweaters as much as possible before you get sick of them and start online shopping for sundresses. Or you can just hibernate, binge Netflix shows and wait until it’s over like most of us.

Don’t let the shortest day of the year get you down! Christmas and New Years haven’t even happened yet, so there is still so much to look forward to. Or you can just celebrate today with these hilarious memes and tweets.

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