These Christmas Nails Are Prettier Than Any Tree You Could Ever Trim In Your Life

It’s pretty impressive how dedicated people are to the holiday season. Houses are decorated perfectly, stockings are hung with care and of course, nails are manicured beyond belief.

A good manicure can carry over to any season, but there are some designs specific to whichever holiday is approaching.

In this case, Christmas-themed nails are making a huge comeback against the minimalist manis of yore. It’s all about festive bling and holiday cheer this year.

Feeling sparkly? Perfect. Get lit.

Love bright colors?

We’ve evolved green and red, so it’s your lucky day.

Now you can find Christmas nails in any design or style to suit any taste.

Our only requirement when going for these elaborate styles: tip your manicurist. It’s their holiday season, too.

Oh, that and also make sure you practice typing. Long nails can be a struggle. Godspeed.

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