Air Out Your Grievances With These Anti-Holiday Festivus Memes

It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m exhausted. I love the holiday season and everything, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up the cheer when you have so much stress built up over the past year. Luckily, holidays like Festivus exist.

Festivus is a celebrated annually on December 23 and was meant to act as an alternative holiday to the commercialized Christmas season. Compared to Christmas, Festivus is less about buying gifts and more about airing out your grievances. If you ever watched Seinfeld, then you might recognize it.

The holiday is rather simple. After sharing a family meal, everyone takes turns at sharing their disappointments with one another over the past year. Festivus isn’t considered over until the head of the household is “pinned”. In other words, the holiday ends with a wrestling match.

We can’t pin anyone down across the computer screen, so instead we’ll celebrate by sharing some funny Festivus photos and memes for your enjoyment.