Take a Bite of These Nutty Memes for National Fruitcake Day

I like fruit and I like cake. That doesn’t mean I like them together.

Fruitcakes have quite the reputation. They’re often considered a staple gag gift during the holidays, but you’ll occasionally find someone that honestly likes them. National Fruitcake Day, which is celebrated annually on December 27, is dedicated to the lovers of this unique holiday treat.

Fruitcakes are essentially spiced cake loaves with chopped up candied or dried fruits baked inside. Some bakers even soak their cakes in spirits, making them a bit more appetizing for the adults. Fruitcakes are believed to originate in Rome, seeing as how historians found early recipe records of cakes being baked with pomegranate seeds, nuts and raisins.

Whether you love it or hate it, fruitcakes will always be a time-honored gift for friends and family.

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