Top Tweets Of 2017: Most Popular & Must-See Tweets Of The Year

The following compilation of Tweets have reached millions for a variety of reasons. Twitter remains one of the top social media platforms for sharing news, comedy, heartbreak, tragedies, and photos to appease the online community across the world. Lets take a look at the most retweeted, most liked, and most important tweets of the year. 2017 was definitely one for the books, or in this case, the timeline.

  1. This kid who just wanted free nuggets but ended up verified instead. He may have gotten the nuggets but 18 million people did not help the cause, it lost momentum around 3 million.

2. Barack Obama and his much needed message in the wake of the Charlottesville riots. This iconic photo tweeted by the iconic former President makes us miss him even more than we normally do (especially when Donny goes in with the twitter-fingers.)

3. Ariana Grande offers her condolences with a raw and honest message following the attack at her Manchester concert.

4. On a lighter note, Obama was at it again early on in the year, lending a sense of hope and inspiration in a time of need.

5. Chris Rainey’s son who represents most of us trying to walk after a night out. Or maybe thats just me but seriously lil bruh, I feel you. Dizzy boy might need some endurance lessons from his athletic pops…

6. This definitely wasn’t supposed to be funny but I’m still laughing. Bron Bron was ready to drop hands with the President… A monumental burn as the King belittles the Commander-in-Chief. How medieval!

7. Sam Martin and Leo give back to the victims in Houston

8. Another RT for donations shed a positive light on Penn State Frats

9. Not sure what I’m missing here but Linkin Park tweeted this amazing image, didn’t credit the photographer, and it went viral.

10. This teen’s PSA and poll, with a weird mix of reactions.

Shockingly, President Trump’s tweets did not garner recognition at the top. He didn’t make my personal top ten either but I’ll share 5 that did…

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