Mariah Carey Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Mariah Dating Now?


All she wants for Christmas is you, and you, or maybe it was you? According to Billboard , Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” has finally cracked the Top 10 of the publication’s Hot 100 chart for the first time in its 23-year history. But thou shall not neglect he who hath possibly inspired this festive (not passive but very aggressive) ballad. Nick Cannon was probably around 10 years old when it came out so it couldn’t have been him. Let’s hop in the sleigh-ride-time-machine and find out who Mariah was with at the time to who she’s with now, we’ll even pick up a few exes on the way.

Feel free to jam-out while you read in honor of Mariah (who is still profiting with every play) while she eats the cookies Roc and Roe made for Santa.

Tommy Mottola 1993-1998

The hitmaker and the Christmas Queen had a Hollywood-style-4-year-marriage that ended with him expressing his mere embarrassment. While he ruled it inappropriate, she has implied he was no angel either. Don’t poop where you eat, or whatever, you’ll definitely end up getting a divorce.

Nick Cannon 2008-2016

While one may find it hard to believe that Ms. Carey spent 10 years alone in the wake of her first divorce, the next relevant relationship was with Nick Cannon. This marriage lasted 8 years, doubling the last one, and featured an 11 year age difference between Nick and Mariah that was likely the cause of their downfall. Unable to keep it together for their two children, Moroccan and Monroe (aka Roc and Roe), Mariah and Nick remain friends.

James Packer 2016-2016

Talk about getting the short end of the candy cane. This guy has to give Mariah millions, and they weren’t even married. The pair got engaged and he pretty much payed her to go away. A successful billionaire businessman, Packer has made it clear that he too, should not have gotten romantically involved here.

Bryan Tanaka 2017-?

A classic background dancer success story, Tanaka opened his arms to Carey in early 2017 and may or may not have released her or vice versa. They’re on and they’re off and no one has a straight answer but maybe this Christmas she’ll have that one thing she needs (and no its not a carrot, you troll.)


Mariah Carey is currently dating dancer and choreographer Bryan Tanaka who is over 10 years younger than the singer.


Mariah Carey is happily dating boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, they were even spotted outing with the twins.