Shawn Mendes Girlfriends 2023: Who is Shawn Dating Now?

We’re nearing the end of the year but it’s never to late to be nosy. If you’ve been listening to the radio or surfing YouTube in the odd hours of the night, then you’ve definitely heard music from Shawn Mendes. This Canadian singer steadily earned his fame and fortune from the ground up, starting from song covers on Vine until getting the attention of Island Records.

We might be familiar with his catchy songs, but what about his love life? Mendes has been very private about his personal relationships, but fans have started more than a few rumors.

Let’s break down this singer’s love life, shall we?

Camila Cabello 2015

Nothing was really made official between Cabello and Mendes, but a lot of rumors flew around after the two went on a Summer tour together. Eventually, Mendes finally broke the news and revealed that the two were not dating and that they were simply good friends. Still, they looked really cute together.

Chloe Grace Moretz 2016

Here’s another dating rumor that circulated for a while, but Mendes can’t even get mad at us for this one. Mendes appeared in a tasteful Vogue photoshoot that left fans a little breathless. When American actress and model Chloe Grace Moretz responded to one of his shirtless photos on Twitter, fans couldn’t help but assume that sparks were flying. The rumor eventually faded away when nothing was confirmed.

Hailey Baldwin 2017

After a string of rumors, it looks like we finally hit the jackpot. Mendes was recently caught hanging out with famous American model Hailey Baldwin. The singer is still keeping his cards to his chest, but the pictures that TMZ managed to snag are pretty convincing. I’d be surprised if they weren’t dating.

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It is confirmed that Shawn Mendes is definitely dating Hailey Baldwin as they are seen hugging and taking long walks on the street.


The 20 years old Shawn Mendes is single currently and he wants to be clicked with someone by paparazzi.