Relationship Advice: Top 6 Signs You’re Being Led On

Relationship Advice

Liking someone new is great, right? Until that great feeling slowly turns into a stressful situation because you have no idea where the relationship is going. Here are 6 signs that you’re wasting your time.

1. No Future Plans

It’s 11pm you just got a “come over and watch a movie” text, you might be excite because it’s been a while since you’ve seen him or maybe you’re starting to feel like a booty call. Most of the time, the plans are very last minute and when you do see him you have no idea when you will see him again, because it’s all based on his availability. So you decide to ask him out on an actual date but he’s always too busy.

2. Takes Too Long To Respond To Your Message

Takes Too Long To Respond To Your Message

People are busy, I get that. But if the person you’re seeing takes hours to reply to your message and this has become a consistent pattern, he’s not into you. Sure, maybe at first he might’ve acknowledge his delayed replies, but now he doesn’t even bother.

3. He’s A Wordsmith

He's A Wordsmith

You know, he sways you with his words and it all sounds convincing until his actions contradicts what he says. He might even do a thing or two to satisfy you and you think it’s progress, but it’s not. It’s just a tactic to get you sitting pretty like a plant.

4. He Ghosts You

He Ghosts You

If this person disappears from your life and then pops up again, RUN. Sure, he might come back with excuses (after all he is a wordsmith) until one day he finally ghosts for good.

5. He’s Emotionally Unavailable

He's Emotionally Unavailable

Is the relationship great physically but you don’t feel an emotional connection? Well, maybe that’s because he doesn’t want to. In fact, he may not want to deal with emotions, all, does he become dismissive and defensive when you express your concerns?

6. Your Gut Is Telling You

Your Gut Is Telling You

If you just have a feeling that it’s not going anywhere. Listen to it.

So if any of these struck a chord it’s probably best to stop wasting your time and feelings, and quickly let this person go while your heart is still intact. But if you’re the one stringing someone else along, stop being a crappy person and be upfront with them!

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