These National Hangover Day Memes Will Be Oddly Familiar

We all know that dreaded feeling when we’ve partied too hard and wake up with a massive hangover the next morning that has us wishing we hated alcohol. Spoiler alert: we don’t, but we don’t judge anyone who doesn’t drink! As Blair Waldorf says, we’re the non-judgemental Breakfast Club! If you do drink, please do so responsibly!

A hangover is the worst thing known to mankind, especially if the day it attacks, you have class or work. So naturally, you put on your biggest pair of sunglasses, a huge sweatshirt, and head over to Starbucks to kill the hangover with caffeine. While you wait on line, you hope no one can see your pain through your sunnies and if they can, you hope they’ll be sympathetic. At least you aren’t being that obnoxious person.

If you’re like me and don’t drink often, a hangover can feel like an early death. So be sure to take some aspirin in the morning with water, lots of water, before you begin your day.A lot of the time, when people are hungover, their stomach feels so out of it they might not want to eat anything. Truth is, you gotta eat something to soak up the remaining alcohol in your system. Good news is, you don’t need a huge, greasy meal to do that. You can have plain toast or a hard-boiled egg with some orange juice or coconut water. You can also have tomato juice, but that’s a little too reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, so I’d say proceed with caution. Some light exercise, even if it’s just taking a walk or a light jog, can help your system wake up and get back to normal, too.

If you’re too hungover to get out of bed and would rather stay in bed cradling your phone, here are some on-point memes about hangovers that will hopefully cure all.

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