A Twitter User Is Creating Threads Where You Can Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books in middle school? The ones were you got to chose what you would do in a situation and then the storyline would change to your decision. They were so much fun, but now you can’t be caught reading a children’s book. Thanks to Twitter user @cloutboyjojo you can go on a choose your own adventure thanks to these threads that they created.

His Paranormal Activity: Scenario Thread blew up on Twitter. The story starts with you moving into a new house with your girlfriend, then you click on another thread.



The new thread explains how you keep hearing a loud noise while sleeping and your girlfriend isn’t in the room.


Then you have to pick if you’re going to go downstairs and check it out or try to go back to sleep. From there the choose your own adventure picks up. If you choose to go back to sleep be prepared to be thrown across the room soon.

There is an outcome that has you surviving the paranormal activity and scouts honor I got it on the first try.


If you’re addicted to @cloutboyjojo’s threads don’t worry because he has more. The first thread he did was a New Years Massacre: Scenario Thread.


The story starts with you going to a penthouse New Year’s Eve party downtown. Your friend invited you to the party and you decide to go despite not knowing the owner of the penthouse, which seems like foreshadowing.


You get to the party and it’s packed and looks like fun. The owner of the penthouse offers you a drink and that’s when the choose your own adventure begins.


This scenario I didn’t make out it alive. I died pretty quickly into the thread. It took me three tries to survive, yikes.


Let’s hope they post more scenario threads because this is the best use of Twitter threads I’ve ever seen.

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