This Plus-Size Model Recreated Gigi Hadid’s Naked Campaign Ad

Anything thin models can do, plus-size models can do better, or more appropriately, they can do just as well. This is a concept that is slowly, very slowly, taking over the modeling world.

Yes, there is more diversity in body image on the runways and in magazines than before, shoutout Ashley Graham, but still, that’s not saying much. Going from zero body diversity to a few plus-size models sprinkled in here or there, makes the numbers look high, but in reality, the wide scope of the modeling world is still thin.

Hello, Victoria’s Secret still hasn’t hired a plus-size angel! When was the last time you saw a plus-size model naked in an ad campaign? The only one coming to my mind is Glossier’s body hero campaign with Paloma Elsesser.

A popular way to show that plus-size models are just as capable of selling sex appeal is by recreating sexy ads. Model Diana Sirokai did just this when she recreated Gigi Hadid‘s naked Stuart Weitzman ad.

She told Cosmopolitan in an email that she just wanted to show how brands need to think outside of conventional body standards. “I wish I had someone to look up to in this industry when I was growing up.”

This isn’t Diana’s first celeb photo recreation. She iconically recreated Kim Kardashian‘s white bathing suit photo.

Even though we love her recreations hopefully one day Diana will be part of her own campaign ad so no recreation will be necessary.

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