Chris Brown Girlfriends 2021: Who Is Chris Dating Now?

You’d have to be pretty much living under a rock to have not heard of Chris Brown. The super talented, record-breaking singer who first caught everyone’s attention back in 2005 with his debut hit single, “Run It”, has been gifting us with countless slow jams, headbangers and smooth dance moves for more than a decade. Unfortunately for Brown as of late, the 28-year-old has made more headlines involving his personal relationships rather than for his music.¬†Brown’s tumultuous dating history continues to be up for question despite making several attempts to get himself together.

Let’s take a look through Brown’s complete dating history and see just what’s been going on with his love life through the years.

Rihanna 2007-2013

Brown’s first known high profile relationship was with fellow superstar and singer Rihanna. Rihanna, who had her own fan base and whose celeb status was climbing as well, started dating Brown in 2007 casually. The couple who would be spotted here out and about were quickly dubbed Hollywood’s new young ‘It Couple’. After dating for two years, in 2009, the pair’s seemingly perfect relationship took a very ugly turn when Brown was hit with a domestic violence suit that would completely change the rest of his life and career. The pair tragically broke up but would reunite four years later for a brief time. The couple dated again in 2013 for just a few months. In May 2013, Brown announced that he and Rihanna had called it quits for good.

Karrueche Tran 2010-2015

Karrueche Tran first met Chris Brown right off the helms of his domestic violence suit with former girlfriend Rihanna. Tran, was quickly dubbed by the media as a rebound girl but Tran proved herself loyal to Brown and stuck by his side through all his legal battles, stints in rehab and even when the troubled singer was sent to prison. Brown and Tran’s relationship seemed solid even when Brown stepped out on Tran in 2013 to date his ex Rihanna. After the celebs called it quits again, Tran resumed her relationship with Brown. It wasn’t until Tran found out about Brown’s “break baby” with hook up Nia Guzman did Tran decide to walk away from the relationship for good. Since the couple’s nasty split, Brown has made several attempts to get back with Tran who has gone to great lengths to avoid the singer. As of 2017, Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against Brown after claiming he had threatened to kill her.

Draya Michele 2011-2012

Draya Michele first burst onto the scene when she was featured on Vh1’s Basketball Wives. Michele, a model, fashion designer and former professional dancer, made headlines however when she was spotted with Brown. The couple dated for a little under a year before parting ways.

Vanessa Vargas 2017

In 2017, Brown was spotted holding hands with model Vanessa Vargas at a New York nightclub. After the media caught wind of the couple’s hand holding, it was reported that the pair was dating. Both Vargas and Brown have since been seen flirting with one another via social media which added more confirmation that the pair were an item.

Brown’s dating history may be a bit messy-for all we know it could just be a phase.


Chris Brown ignited a rumored former flame Ammika Harris in a Paris nightclub, they were first linked in 2015.

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