This American Soldier Took 10 Flights Home To See The Birth Of His First Child

Daily Mail

There are some things in life that you just can’t miss, seeing the birth of your child is definitely one of them. US Army combat engineer,¬†Francois Clerfe made sure he didn’t miss it no matter what.

Clerfe had to take 10 flights to go from Iraq to Monterey, California, but it was worth it to see his wife,¬†Natalia Svistunova give birth on New Year’s Day.

Daily Mail

His 10 flight trip expanded over two days. “From Kuwait to Turkey, Turkey to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Baltimore, Baltimore to Atlanta,” was just part of Clerfe’s 8,000-mile journey, he explained to KSBW.

His new-born daughter Julia was supposed to be born on January 9, so when she came early it made her dad scramble to get home.

Clerfe was able to return home for the birth of Julia because of a special policy within his battalion. He will get to be home in Monterey for 30 days an then another 10 days of paternity leave before having to make the long trek back to Iraq.

There is no doubt that Julia will be hearing this story for the rest of her life. Clerfe said, “It was fun and exciting at the same time.”

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