Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Jacob Worth Right Now?






There’s no longer a linear way to make bank or become famous. With the number of social media platforms that exist and the influence they have, almost anyone can go viral. Jacob Sartorius knows this all too well as he first gained recognition for posting on the lip-syncing app Musical.ly and then began releasing his own singles. A few years later, Sartorius already has millions of followers on his social media accounts as well as hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Jacob Sartorius Bio

Age: 15
Birthday: October 2, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 5’5
Hometown: Virginia
Residence: Virginia
Associated Acts: Hayden Summerall, Luna Blaise, Zach Clayton, The Vamps

Jacob Sartorius’ Net Worth as of 2018: $300,000

Let’s see how he shot to fame and earned his growing fortune.

2002 – 2014


Growing up, he wasn’t shy about his love for theater or performing which led him to endure periods of bullying. He began to use the now-defunct Vine as an outlet when he was 11, even addressing his viewers against bullying, and almost immediately began gaining attention. In the same year, he joined Musical.ly, where he made short videos of him lip-syncing popular songs. Over time, he became one of the most famous users of the app with 19.2 million followers.

2015 – Present


Though Sartorius had amassed a huge following, he was continuously bullied at school and later said how he changed schools three times in 2015 due to verbal and physical abuse. Despite this, he continued using social media and accredits it with making him more social.


In 2016, Sartorius was gaining the attention of record labels and signed to an independent record company and released his first track, “Sweatshirt,” which made it to the Billboard top 100. Following the single’s success, he joined the Magcon tour, along with other internet personalities. After releasing several more pop tracks, Sartorius went on his first solo tour in the same year. The next year, he went international to multiple nations with a global tour titled: The Last Text World Tour.

In 2017, he managed to release two albums and his second EP Left Me Hangin’ is set to have its own US and Canada headlining tour. Sartorius kicks off the tour on January 18th, along with European dates in the spring.

Along with earnings from his tours, Sartorius also has a site that sells merch, from clothing to posters.¬†With the time he has ahead of him and the success he’s already garnered, who knows what he could accomplish in the coming years.

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