People Seriously Think Oprah Should Run For President After Her Golden Globes Speech

Last night’s Golden Globes was one that will be remembered forever. Celebrities wore black and donned “Times Up” pins and spoke candidly about the sexual assault and abuse that still happens today.

But last night’s show was also groundbreaking because Oprah was the first African-Amerian woman to win the Cecil B. de Mille award. Her acceptance speech was so powerful that people started tweeting that they wanted Oprah to run for president.

Is anyone shocked that Oprah gave a powerful and articulate speech? She’s Oprah! She made her entire living by doing just that.

Watching an intelligent person give a moving speech has caused a lot of people to declare Oprah for president 2020. Saying someone who isn’t a politician should be president has always been a “thing,” but typically it’s just a declaration of love. But now after having Trump as president, the joke is all too real.

Even though we can hope and dream that one day Oprah would actually be president, it’s very doubtful.

We should just take the speech at face value, motivational as hell.

We may never see Oprah in the Oval Office, but we can always count on her to give us the extra push we need.

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