Top 5 Easy Curly Hair Hairstyles To Try This Year

You see lots of women rocking their amazing hairstyles. If you have curly hair, you’re probably wondering if you could do that to your hair? Well fear not you can, just because your hair is a different texture, doesn’t mean you can’t do fun styles. So here are 5 easy hairstyles that cater to your curly hair.

1. Twisted Crown


This inspiration is from none other than Whitney also known as Naptural85 on her blog and YouTube channel. Whitney always has amazing easy to follow tutorials, but this twisted crown is great because you can do it with any curly texture. Add a cute sparkly pin and you’ll be holiday ready.

2. Wash and Go


Some curly girls just love their wash and go. They won’t give it up and I can’t blame you on that. Its easy, simple, lasts for a week and the only downside is the drying time. No worries though you could jazz it up. Adding a few simple gold loc beads, and you’ll be holiday ready.

3. Half up Half Down

If you have curly hair there is a chance that you’ve rocked this style because you didn’t want to wash your hair, and you didn’t want to wear a full bun. The half up half down is not only cute but super easy. You can make it chic by buying some spray glitter from your local beauty supply store or Amazon.

4. Bun


Buns are sleek, they take no time to do at all, and it is effortless tying any look together. Once again Naptural85 killed it last year with her confetti bun tutorial. You’ll be the talk of the holidays with this look.

5. Fro-hawk

Fro-hawks are awesome and change up your style. Plus they are very easy to do. Kelsi aka Le_froise on Instagram has amazing tutorials, and her holiday fro-hawk is one of them.

So there you have it, my curly girls. Now bring in the holidays rocking your beautiful curls.

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