Is Slack Down Right Now?

Slack is currently down and it’s not just your office’s channel. The whole platform is down. Everyone is without Slack and don’t know what to do to distract them from actually working.

Naturally, everyone who would be on Slack reverted their attention to Twitter. At first, tweets were just confirming that Slack was down, but now they have quickly progressed into hilarious ways people are coping without Slack.

In mere minutes after being down Slack became the number one trending topic on Twitter with over 18,000 tweets and counting.

So why is Slack down? According to the site, the platform is having trouble connecting to their WebSocket connection. A “Connection Trouble” box pops up suggesting to restart your browser. But still Slack is down.

Slack’s headquarters are on it though and are very aware that their servers are down.

In the meantime, I guess you can email your coworkers.

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