Meghan Markle Just Deleted All Of Her Social Media Accounts

Meghan Markle has overnight become one of the most famous people in the world after her and Prince Harry got engaged. When you go from being a TV actor to a future royal your life has to drastically change.

When Meghan and Harry started to become serious she stopped her lifestyle blog The Tig. But now that they’re engaged, her life has been turned upside down. The big differences are that she left Suits and is moving to London.

But now all of Meghan’s social media accounts have been deleted. Meghan hasn’t been posting on any social media since she and Harry went public with their relationship, but deleting all of her social platforms is an unprecedented move.


Her personal Twitter was deleted along with her Instagram.


Not only has her personal accounts been deleted but so has The Tig’s Instagram page. You can’t even access old posts on Meghan’s former lifestyle blog. Don’t worry Vanity Fair did a deep dive into Meghan’s Tig’s posts.

Meghan’s big social media wipe is just her gearing up to join the royal family. No one in the royal family has personal social media accounts. All royal posts go through Kensington Palace.

Being royal looks like fun, but not being able to post daily selfies on your Instagram story seems brutal.

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