Flirting In Texts 2018: ‘The Secret’ To Texting Your Crush

We’ve all seen or heard of The Secret, and if you haven’t, the premise is kinda simple-The Secret is all about using the law of attraction and manifestation to get what you want.Not only can you use the law to snag a new car or a new job, but the law of attraction also works when it comes to your love life. That’s right, you read that right. With just a few simple tips, you can use the law of attraction to now only get that cute barista’s number, but you can use the law of attraction and to turn into a texting pro!  By using the law of attraction, you can manifest the boy of your dreams into reality. Here are five tips that’ll rid you of your texting anxiety and keep the guy you like coming back for more, IRL.

1. Be Authentic

Texting the guy you like at first can be really intimidating. You want to make sure you make a lasting impression, come across as funny, exciting, flirty- I mean there is a lot that goes into it. To avoid coming across as shallow or superficial, it’s important that whatever you text him you’re yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own heads and for us to be our own worst critics, but remember, he gave you his number, not anyone else which means he wants to hear from you- not someone else you think he’ll like better.

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions

By asking open-ended questions, you’re letting your crush know that you’re really interested in getting to know more about him and his personal thoughts. You’re learning more about his hobbies, his likes, and dislikes, his opinions, his outlooks on a variety of things by asking open-ended questions. The more open-ended questions you ask, eventually the more comfortable he’ll become talking/texting you.

3. Give Compliments

Uh hello, who doesn’t love a compliment? Compliments are flattering. Compliments show you are interested and praises let him know he’s got your full attention.

4. Take An Interest In His Lifestyle

Use your texting time wisely and take a moment or two to tap into his interests and hobbies. Find out what he likes to do in his free time. Find out what makes him laugh or what music he listens to on the way to work or class. Once you find out what he likes to do, suggest you two take a comedy show with one of his favorite comedians or recommend going to a local concert.

5. Use Their Language

When you are first starting out with someone new, it’s all about learning new things. You’re learning how your crush talks and texts and by mimicking how they communicate with your responses, it makes him more comfortable and lax and will put him at ease to continue the conversation.

Using the law of attraction to text the guy you like will put your mind at ease. By using these tips, you’ll no longer have to stress when your crush hits you up.


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