Revolve Clothing Is Being Called Out For Being Too White & Thin

Revolve is the go-to clothing brand for all your favorite Instagram influencers. The e-commerce brand has recently come under fire for their lack of diversity when it comes to ads and Instagram ambassadors.

Revolve predominately features tanned skinny white girls with legs that are longer than your whole body. This is a quintessential photo that appears on Revolve’s two million followers feeds.

Revolve typically doesn’t have standard clothing shoots. They take a bunch of models and ambassadors on a trip and snap insta-envious photos. Those pictures are typically posted with the hashtag #RevolveAroundTheWorld.

The Fashion Law points out that Revolves paid vacay photos don’t have proper #ad disclosure and rarely feature women of color, specifically black women. There are a few WOC in Revolve’s collection of influencers, but a few out of the 5,000 influencers that they reportedly have is not enough.

But what Revolve never has are plus-size models. Every single woman featured on Revolve’s Instagram are all very thin.

Where is the diversity, Revolve? That is the question that many of their followers are asking. Revolve’s Instagram comments have been flooded with comments on their lack of racial diversity and body diversity.

The Fashion Law

Revolve has yet to comment on the onslaught of criticism. It’s really an easy change to make considering that there are more black and plus-size models now than ever before.

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