Fans Were Convinced That Kylie Jenner Went Into Labor Last Night

Being a weekend editor becomes infinitely more stressful when there’s a Kardashian baby-rumor, and my job becomes reduced to refreshing Twitter with increasing levels of agitation for any signs of life (literally).

Yesterday afternoon, a rumor sparked on Twitter that Kylie Jenner was in labor, leaving fans breathlessly waiting for confirmation from the woman who never confirmed her pregnancy in the first place. (Though, for those who have not been following the saga with bated breath, the youngest Jenner has fanned pregnancy rumors by being conspicuously absent from Kardashian-Jenner Christmas cards, public events, and social media since the rumor was leaked in September).

TMZ reported that Jenner was not actually in labor soon after the rumors broke — promising that she isn’t even due this month — but it did little to stop fan speculation.

There is no viable source that has confirmed Kylie was in labor or gave birth this weekend, so all of the Twitter hubbub is just that.

Fans grappling with yet another false alarm:

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