There’s An iPhone Bug Being Sent Around That Will Crash Your Messages App

Be careful with iMessage’s you open because right now a bug is being sent around through iMessage that could freeze and possibly crash your iPhone.

Software developer Abraham Masri called the bug “chaiOS,” which is very clever, but the bug is so evil I can’t give the creator any credit. Masri told BuzzFeed that he was trying to find the iPhone software’s vulnerability and he did.

Someone just needs to text you the link on iMessage for the bug to work, you don’t even have to click or open the link. According to BuzzFeed once the link is sent your device will freeze and then you Messages app won’t load messages and keep crashing. The bug sounds evil.

So what do you do if you’re sent the bug? You have a few options. If you realize someone sent you the bug before opening the message, delete the whole text thread. Sometimes that doesn’t work and if your phone still crashes you can try to restore your phone to factory settings. It will wipe your phone clean like it’s brand new, so pray that your phone recently synced to your cloud.

If you want to take precaution against the bug you can block GitHub’s domain in your Safari settings. Open the Settings app > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Websites > Limit Adult Content > Never Allow >

Masri posted the bug on GitHub so anyone can go to the site, copy it and send it to anyone. GitHub took down the code after a few hours, but the damage is done. This isn’t the first time Masri has created bugs that mess with iPhone’s.

“My intention is not to do bad things. My main purpose was to reach out to Apple and say, ‘Hey, you’ve been ignoring my bug reports.’ I always report the bug before releasing something,” he told BuzzFeed.

It’s great that he’s trying to help Apple perfect their software, but at the cost of a bunch of people having their phones Messages app crash isn’t cool.

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