Online Dating Tips: Top 10 Musts That Will Get You More Dates

Getting a decent date through online dating apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish can seem almost impossible these days. With the number of creeps, jerks and crazy ass men taking precedent on dating sites, the odds of finding a guy who isn’t a total nut-job can seem pretty hopeless.

To narrow your chances of snagging a decent date versus a perpetual loser, here are 10 things your dating profile needs right now!

1. Use Those Filters

No, we aren’t talking about Snapchat (although they do make us look more flattering), we mean filtering out the men we definitely don’t want to go out with or have no interest in. Filtering out men who you have nothing in common with or who you know you won’t connect with will make room for the guys who you will mesh better with. If you notice that there are guys that you have NOTHING in common with or who you aren’t the least bit attracted to, save yourself some time and filter those guys out as soon as possible.

2. Be Honest

As tempting as it is to “embellish” the truth a little bit on your profile or when you’re flirting with some guy in a PM, being honest can avoid any potential disappoint later down the line. You wouldn’t like it if the guy you thought you liked didn’t look anything like his profile picture, was not as tall as he said or didn’t have the job he “supposedly had.” It’s been said that the best relationships start with honesty and by keeping it real on your profile, you’re already doing your part.

3.Make Sure Your Pictures Are Saying The Right Words

Pictures may say 1,000 words but when you’re choosing what pictures to post on your online dating profile, you want to make sure that they are saying what you want suitors to hear. If you know you only went rock climbing as a dare to prove to your friends that you weren’t a wimp, or that that picture of you all dolled up was taken at a college friend’s country club party, you may want to consider saving those pictures for your social media. You want your pictures to show who you are NOW, in everyday life. If you aren’t adventurous or look like a glamazon every day, leave those pictures out. Same goes for pictures that are too suggestive or unflattering.

4.Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

If you aren’t looking for a hookup but are looking for something more serious, say that. On the other hand, if you are not looking for anything too heavy right now and are just looking for something more casual, say that. Be upfront, be honest and if you are no longer vibing with someone, let them know. Don’t waste your time.

5. Get Social

Let’s face it, we all do our fair share of social media stalking. When you like someone or someone strikes your interest it’s only natural to find out as much as possible about them. By adding your social media handles (while perusing others), you’re allowing for men to see what you are like in your everyday life. Just remember that your potential new beau has access to all the tagged photos of you doing a keg stand.

6. Pay Attention To Detail

It may sound like second nature but paying attention to things like grammar and other details that you put on your profile can be the deciding factor as to whether that cute guy swipes left or right on your picture.

7. Break The Ice

A good icebreaker question opens up the gates of conversation and gives you some insight into how some men think. The key is to come up with the perfect question that’s fun, thought-provoking¬†but also light. Stear clear of any questions focused on religion, politics or any other hot-button issue.

8. Show Yourself Off

List your hobbies, post your photos, talk about your accomplishments. This is YOUR profile not anyone else’s so this is the chance to show guys who you are and giving them a reason to click on your profile.

9.Stay Positive

It can feel like you’re NEVER gonna get find a good guy through your online dating profile but whether you strike out or not, try and have fun and stay positive. Whether you’re online dating or hitting the pavement like the rest of us, if you’re met to meet someone-you’ll meet them.

10. Think Outside The Box

We can only say so much through pictures and words so try using other forms of media to really show who you are. Maybe upload a short 30-second clip of the new moves you learned in a dance class, or uploading a mini tutorial of a dish you prepared from scratch helps guys see who you are a bit differently.

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