Top 10 Affordable Winter First Dates For Broke College Students

The weather outside has been pretty damn frightful and with Christmas entirely wiping us out, our budgets are looking pretty bare. But if you’ve managed to snag yourself a first date with the cutie you kissed during New Year’s Eve, you’re probably wondering just what the hell you’re gonna do in the middle of winter?

It’s stressful enough trying to find an outfit that doesn’t make us look like a sack of potatoes and shows off our best features without causing us to get hypothermia.

To help ease your nerves and avoid putting an even bigger dent in your malnourished wallet, here are cute affordable first date ideas to do during the winter.

1. Celebrate Your School Spirit

Hockey Game winter date ideas

Taking in a hockey game is a great first date idea and really takes the pressure off of having to keep the conversation going at all times. To show your school spirit and stay within budget, try taking in your school’s next game.

2. Get A Cup Of Joe

coffee date


Grabbing a cup of coffee is not only super economical, but it’s a great way to spend your time really getting to know your date while staying warm! Instead of hitting up DD’s or Starbucks, try hitting up your local mom-and-pop spots. While you’re there, take the time to sip slowly and enjoy the moment.

3. Hit The Ice

Ice Skating winter date ideas

Going ice skating is one of those seasonal dates that if given a chance it’s almost impossible to pass up. Holding hands is a great excuse to get closer to your date and ease your way onto the ice.

4. Heat Things Up (In The Kitchen)


When it’s cold AF outside, and you don’t wanna venture out into the brutally chilly air, rolling up your sleeves and heating things up in the kitchen is a great way to get closer to your date. Baking a yummy treat with your sweetheart is a great way to also treat yourself.

5. Take The Stage

karaoke double date ideas group date


Whether you’re in the dorm or going out (dress warmly), a little karaoke never hurt nobody. If you want to impress your date but can’t sing a lick, we suggest a song that requires tons of crowd participation. If it’s just the two of you kicking back in the dorm, putting on your own Sonny and Cher or Beyonce and Jay-Z concert will surely bring you two closer and make for a ton of laughs.

6. Get Cozy

Netflix and Chill

El Nariz / Shuttershock

The cold weather is literally the PERFECT time to have a ‘Netflix and chill’ date. If you want to keep the first date as PG as possible invite some of your friends over and make it a group thing.

7. Go Sledding

campus date ideas college

If you’re feeling adventurous, going sledding on the first date is another great seasonal first date to try and will make the cutest Instastory.

8. Get To Roasting

Get To Roasting

Being stuck inside when it’s too cold is the perfect time to really indulge. Roasting marshmallows, without setting off any alarms, is a great way to show your date you’re sugar and spice and everything nice.

9. Get Fondue Fancy

Get Fondue Fancy

You no longer need to brave the cold to have your own fondue. With the help of Pinterest and Amazon, you can set up this delectable first date yourself.

10. Hit The Slopes

Hit The Slopes

Image via Getty

Hello, snowbunny! Getting outdoors and going skiing makes for a great first date because you’re able to take in some powder with your sweetie and burn some calories in the process.

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