Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day With These Cheesy AF Memes












Cheese lovers unite! This is not a drill, this is the real deal and our day is finally here. As if we needed yet another excuse to go off of our diets, today is National Cheese Lover’s Day! That’s right the entire day is dedicated to all the loyal cheese lovers of the world.

While there is no accurate record of when making cheese became the latest trend in the food business, according to some legends, they chop it all up to pure chance.

Many, many years ago milk was transported and stored in sheep stomachs. The milk was left to sit a few days, and the proteins would separate from the milk and turn into curds and whey. To preserve the solids, salt was added and voila! We have some cheese!

The visual is not nearly as glamorous as the result, but as cheese lovers, we are willing to make the sacrifice. The fundamental principle behind making cheese hasn’t really varied since time and pretty much remain the same: let the milk sour, separate the curds from the whey, salt the curds and let the solids age.

Different ingredients, as well as cooking procedures, have been altered over time depending on the type of cheese being made.

Speaking of different types, as of 2018 there are hundreds of hundreds of different varieties of cheese being eaten around the world every day. Imagine that?

Cheese is one of the most popular foods that we like to munch on whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. It would be virtually impossible to try and calculate and figure out how much cheese we consume in a day but what we do know is that cheese is so damn popular, that there are 18 other cheese-related holidays celebrated around the world yearly!

From National Cheese Doodle Day and National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day to Cheese Souffle Day and the most popular cheese holiday to date, National Cheese Day.

Of course, we can’t forget about some of the more creative ones like  National String Cheese Day, Moldy Cheese Day, National Cheesecake Day and National Cream Cheese Brownie Day (say that three times fast.)

Whether you prefer it shredded or stringy, melted or grated, sliced or chunked, use the #CheeseLoversDay hashtag to join in on the fun and share how you enjoy your cheese on social media.

While you post your best selfie and cheese photo on Snapchat, we know you’ll appreciate some of our favorite cheese memes as only a cheese lover could.

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