Bridget Malcom Instagram: Top 10 Best Photos, Looks & Fashion Moments

Bridget Malcolm is a 26-year-old worldwide Australian Model. Malcolm began to model at the age of 16 where she was signed by an international agency after moving to New York to pursue modeling, her career has landed her some modeling jobs with brands such as Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren, Harpers Bazaar, and La Belleza Magazine.

Modeling wasn’t Malcolm’s first love, at 14 she took up playing the oboe and fell in love with it, later on performing in local schools and touring around Europe. She didn’t continue her passion for playing the oboe as later on in the year she was discovered by a modeling agency called Vivien’s, where they made her wait a year to begin working as a model so she could outgrow her “awkward” stage. Where she said included a terrible haircut, braces, and just general awkwardness.  The wait was worth it as her first job was on Harpers Bazaar Australia, and her career took off from there.

Even though Malcolm has been in this business for ten years, she has spoken out before about how hard and overwhelming it can get, despite peoples beliefs that the modeling world is “fabulous.” In her personal website, she has a blog where she wrote a small article on the stereotypes there is for models, writing “At the end of the day models work in a job that requires them to look a certain way, and I really wish this wasn’t the case. Every season there is a call that designers are embracing ‘curvier’ (not a size 00, maybe 0-2 instead) girls and I see no change whatsoever. For some models, this pressure – combined with old trauma in their past – can result in eating disorders. For other girls, this can result in drug use.”

Malcolm is using her platform as an international model to bring awareness to how rough, and tough the business is, and to break the stereotypes that people have on what a models life is. If you want to learn more about Bridget Malcolm visit her website here.Check out the gallery above for Bridget Malcolm’s best Instagram Photos and Looks.

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