This Couple Essentially Married In The Air And You’ll Have To See The Photos To Believe It

Couples are getting more and more creative in picking out a wedding venue. Gone are the traditional days when most couples would get hitched at a church, in a backyard or at a family’s home.

Couples are upping the ante and this couple will be hard to beat. They said “I do” on a literal rope net. You know, a net made out of ropes. Oh, and it was suspended above a canyon.

California daredevils Kim Weglin and Ryan Jenks first met at a high-lining festival in Utah, according to their wedding photographers blog Hearnes. They got engaged on the net, so naturally, their wedding had to pay homage to that.

A colorful rope net, woven by the best man, was set up 400 feet above a canyon in Moab, Utah and an aisle section was even made for the bride to walk down, long train and all. While most people probably would’ve been hyperventilating, the couple looked calm as could be as they exchanged vows.

It wasn’t just a wedding either, it was an actual show complete with base jumpers and aerialists. While the actual net could only fit the couple, best man, maid of honor, and wedding officiant, everyone else was still included. Photographer Abbi Hearne wrote, “Three of their friends performed aerial stunts below the net on silks, while a few friends did acro-yoga on the cliff edges…Friends flew over in paragliders while some played instruments on the cliffs.”

Some photos taken from certain angles make the net look like it’s barely off the ground while others show how just how high it really was.

As for the bridesmaids, you ask? Suspended from a high line of course.

Weglin and Jenks have set the standard high, literally, for other couples.

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