There’s Now An App That Easily Let’s You Compare Your Birth Chart With Friends

Everyone is obsessed with their Zodiac sign and birth chart lately. But a massive part of astrology is mapping your birth chart. Your birth chart gives a deep and personal insight into your horoscope that is more than just your typical Zodiac sign. A birth chart is based on your birthday, time of birth and place of birth.

Your birth chart reveals what your sun sign is (that’s your typical Zodiac sign), your moon sign, your rising and so much more. All these elements of your chart are essential to finding out how compatible you actually are with your BFFs and your significant other. Even if you don’t necessarily ~believe~ in astrology, it’s still entertaining to read.

Thanks to this relatively new app Co–Star Astrology you can easily compare birth charts, read your own birth chart and get daily Astrology updates.

Even if you aren’t the savviest Astrology kween Co–Star Astrology is so user-friendly you’ll be sounding like a pro in no time. They use accurate data from NASA then pair that data with simplistic explanations that allow anyone to join in on the fun.

When you convince your friends to download the app and make an account all they have to do is add you as a friend and then you have total access to their birth chart. You can also view your compatibility with each other. The compatibility section breaks down wherein both of your charts are you two compatible, what sections you two are semi-compatible and the parts you two aren’t compatible.

According to  Co–Star Astrology’s website, their horoscopes are “hyper-personalized astrology” because they consider your entire birth chart when giving you your horoscope when most sites just use general sun signs when creating horoscopes.

It’s free and fun, and who doesn’t love an app that will give you hyper-realistic readings of yourself?

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