Tips To Help You Navigate Through The Crazy World Of Online Dating

Ah, dating apps. Remember when online dating wasn’t a social norm? Not too long, people shamed online dating. Let’s not forget, all of the fear that surrounded it. Afterall, how did that girl on that crime show end up dead? Yup, she met someone online. However, that was long ago! Things have changed. I think it is safe to say that if you’re looking for a relationship you’re on dating app and if you’re not, you have at least them.

On one hand, dating apps provide an opportunity to meet all sorts of people from different walks of life that you may never have across if you did not swipe right or tap “like” on their profile. However, it isn’t a walk in the park. This also means that you will meet a lot of uninteresting people, get ghosted on, and go on some crappy dates.

So, if you’re searching for your next relationship on an app, we gathered some helpful tips for you.

1. Have A Maximum Of Two Dating Apps

Maybe you want to be able to message them first or maybe you only you want to meet people that you cross paths with. Whatever the case is, there are many apps to choose from nowadays that can tailor to your dating app needs. Download at least two apps that have different styles of connecting people.

So, if your love life is looking like a dry harvest crop on one app, just open the other one. Any more than that will only leave you feeling overwhelmed.

2. Don’t Take Too Long to Meet In Person

After chatting a bit on the app, the next step is usually to swap number and then set up a date. I think this is really important, the whole of these apps is to meet in person and no one is looking for a texting buddy. So, the soon you meet, the sooner you’ll know if there is potential.

If weeks have gone by and you have not yet met in person, just cut it off. Because the amount of time your texting and waiting to meet up you could’ve already had three dates with someone you like.

3. Video Chat Before Meeting

I can already hear it: “I am more into face-to-face interaction” Yeah, well I am too– but then again, I’m on an app. Isn’t better to find out if there is an actual connection? If you are in a comfortable with that person, there’s no harm in doing quick video chat session just to see if there is an actual connection.

Why waste makeup, perfume, time and energy just to realize you are not into him? You could’ve binged the last two episodes of Black Mirror.

4. Check Out Their Social Media Account

It’s pretty easy to see someone’s social media account nowadays. If you have your contacts synced, there profile usually appears or maybe it’s on already on their dating profile. Check that out. It’s a little glimpse into their lives and it’s never a bad idea to see what you’re getting yourself into.

Also, don’t just swipe away, take time your read their bio.

5. Don’t Take Rejection Personally.

It is easy to take rejections personally when someone ghosts you after the first date. However, here’s the thing, you cannot ghost someone on the first date. The first date is supposed to reveal whether or not you like each other or not. So before, you spiral down feelings of rejection: ask yourself ” Did I even like him?” If you did, great! Despite everything, your heart hasn’t turned cold! YAY! Pat yourself on the back and find someone else to share romantic feelings with.

If you didn’t, you have a bruised ego. Not a broken heart. Just give yourself 5 minutes to recover and swipe on.

6. Have Fun

Dating is a journey. Try to have fun with it. Even if it isn’t a long-lasting connection, maybe you learned someone new. It’s possible that your date recommended a movie that you’d like to watch or your date took place at a cool bar or coffee shop, and you want to check it out with friends! So have fun, be yourself and stay positive!

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