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Fiona finally gets some good news, the family who is suing her wants to settle, but on a few conditions. They want her building and her dog. The family wanting the dog back get’s Fiona fired up. But her lawyer suggests she sells the building before the case goes to trial, spend the money, spend it and then declare bankruptcy. Sounds like this lawyer is a Gallagher at heart.


Fiona isn’t the only Gallagher who has shit hitting the fan. There is a warrant out for Ian’s arrest, Carl’s crazy girlfriend Kassidi handcuffs him to the bed and Frank plans on ripping off Liam’s new rich friend.

Check out how to tune in to watch the next episode of Shameless.

Shameless Season 8, Episode 12 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: Showtime
Season: 8
Episode: 12
Title: “Sleepwalking”
Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney and more.

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How To Watch Shameless Season 8, Episode 12 Online

Are you not going to be home Sunday night? Or do have to spend time studying for finals, so you don’t fail? We don’t want you to fail either! You can visit the Showtime website and log in with your cable provider username and password. After signing in, you can watch shows that are only offered on Showtime.

Some cable providers include FiosXfinityDirecTV, and Time Warner.

How To Watch Shameless Season 8, Episode 12 On Mobile

Do you have a Showtime account? Yes? Great. All you need to do is download the Showtime app from your smartphone device app store free of charge. This includes the Apple Store and Google Play. When the app is done downloading on your home screen, sign in with your cable provider information. After signing in, you will have access to all the shows that Showtime as to offer, including Shameless.

How To Watch Shameless Season 8, Episode 12 If You Don’t Have Cable

If you choose not to have cable then, SlingTV is a great option for you to access all your favorite shows. Recently SlingTV partnered with Showtime and now you can watch all the shows on Showtime through SlingTV. Awesome! Right? So, not having cable should not be an issue.

SlingTV is only $20 a month. But before you sign up, please check the list of devices on their website to make sure your device is compatible with SlingTV.

Don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription service? How about trying it out first, to see if it is worth it. SlingTV offers a seven-day free trial for their new customers.

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