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At only 25-years-old Emma Roberts already has a pretty impressive resume. The actress has been in front of the camera for over a decade, making her one of the few child stars to beat the odds of falling into oblivion once her leading role on a kids’ television show ended. Instead of retiring, Roberts began taking on more and more roles, each one being a bigger or more challenging character than the last. Between all of her performances, ranging from Aquamarine to American Horror Story the young star has been able to show off her true talent for acting. Now, as she takes on a lead role in the highly-anticipated film Nerve co-starring Dave Franco, it’s clear to see this actress is on high-demand. And, usually, with high-demand come some pretty high paychecks.

Emma Roberts Net Worth As of 2018: $15 million

For someone who has been acting since the age of childhood, it’s no surprise that Roberts has earned quite a large sum. Here is the lowdown on her rise to fame and fortune.

2001 – 2004

While many actors and actresses audition countless times before ever landing a single role, Roberts only had to audition once before she booked her first part. She received the role of Johnny Depp’s daughter in the film Blow. From there, things didn’t slow down for Roberts either. In 2002, she went on to have small roles in two other films titled Grand Champion and Spymate. However, the actress didn’t have to wait around too long for her big break.

The true Emma Roberts fans all know and love her first big part in a television series as Addie Singer on Unfabulous. The show quickly became popular among pre-teens and she was nominated for a  Teen Choice Award and numerous Young Artist Awards. As she became more famous, she started to appear on other hit TV shows such as Drake & Josh.

2005 – 2007


Unfabulous ran for three seasons ending in 2007. However, Roberts took on other ventures while starring on the show. Her character Addie Singer was a singer, which led Roberts to release an album entitled Unfabulous and More. The record got to number 46 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. She also starred in the popular teen film, Aquamarine alongside big names like singer JoJo and actress Sara Paxton. The film was a huge success for Roberts as it grossed $8 million in the opening weekend. In 2007, she won a Young Artist Award for her performance as the best-supporting actress in the film. Roberts also sang a cover of the song “Island In the Sun” by Weezer for the film’s soundtrack, but she didn’t stop there. Roberts starred in yet another film in 2007 called Nancy Drew. The film grossed around $7 million in its opening weekend.

2008 – 2012


As Unfabulous ended Roberts moved right into another project. She took on another lead role alongside the actor Jake T. Austin in the film Hotel For Dogs. The movie proved to be another major success for the actress financially, as it grossed $17 million at the box offices it’s first weekend and $114 million in overall sales. Following Hotel For Dogs, the star took on a couple smaller scale films with Wild Child and Lymelife co-starring Alec Baldwin.

In 2010, Roberts made a huge splash on the big screen with her large role in the film Valentine’s Day, which grossed around $216.5 million in box office sales. Roberts is obviously an acting machine because she didn’t stop there. Emma also appeared in not one other film in 2010 but two. After the films Twelve and It’s Kind of A Funny Story, she took on another three films in 2011. It’s safe to say she was really racking up some cash at this point in her career.

2013 – 2015


In 2013, Roberts took a crack at comedy, taking on the role of the daughter of Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in the movie We’re the Millers, which proved to be yet another success as it grossed over $269 million at the box offices. 2013 also saw Roberts’ return to television as she took on a role in season three of American Horror Story, and she stayed on the show until January 2014.

Following her time on American Horror Story, Emma accepted a couple of roles in less mainstream films. She starred in Palo Alto, for which she received extremely good reception from critics on her performance. She also starred in the film Ashby.

In 2015 Roberts returned again to television with the series Scream Queens with a starring role, starring alongside Keke Palmer, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis.



We can expect to see the famous actress back at it as character Chanel Oberlin in season two of Scream Queens. As usual, Roberts is taking on more than one project at a time. Her upcoming film Nerve is expected to be a massive hit among teens and young adults as it hits theaters on July 27. Then later on in the year, she will also appear in the film Billionaire Boys Club.

The star seems to never take a break, hence the hefty sum of money she has been able to collect. From the signs of it, Roberts will continue to take on large roles that also offer a huge paycheck. She can most certainly expect a bright future filled with a net worth that continues climbing higher and higher.



Emma Roberts is seen with a Blunt Bangs hairstyle at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards.

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