Pyeongchang Is Breaking A Record Regarding The Number Of Condoms Distributed At The Olympics

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Before the 2018 Olympic Winter Games have even begun, they’re setting some new records. No, not for speed skating or bobsled or luge — for the amount of condoms distributed to the athletes.

Another Olympics, another chuckle about the top competitors in the world boning once their sport is over.

According to the South China Morning Post, a total of 110,000 condoms will be handed out to all 2,925 participants. Do the math, and it comes out to 37.6 condoms per athlete.

Since the Games last 16 days, they’ll have to get pretty darn busy to use them all. But these guys and gals are hot — and most of them have plenty of endurance to go around.

Organizers said condoms will be available at both men’s and women’s toilets at athletes’ villages, the main press center, the media village and medical centers.

The amount of condoms is 10,000 more than handed out at Vancouver in 2010 or Sochi in 2014. And while the Summer Games do use more condoms, there are also more athletes.

A spokesperson said that they didn’t “expect the athletes to use them all,” and that he anticipates some will take them home as souvenirs. (Try finding one of those on eBay.)

Safety first, Olympians — and we’re not talking about helmets.

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