Top 10 Reasons Why The Super Bowl Is A Bad First Date

Snagging the first date with the guy you’ve been crushing on deserves a victory lap around your room in itself. But what happens when your first date falls around the most watched football game of the year-Superbowl Sunday? There are many things we can’t control: that time of the month, a big paper due, spending the holidays with our crazy ass families. But when it comes to choosing when and where to have our first date there’s more wiggle room to figure out how to make this the best first date ever…in hopes of getting a second date with the guy you like. And while Superbowl Sunday sounds like a comfortable and convenient first date, there are actually tons of reasons why Superbowl Sunday may not be the best time to have a first date, especially with a guy you really, really like.

So before you make reservations at your local sports bar and coordinate football jerseys with your potential bae, here are 10 reasons why the Superbowl is a bad idea for a first date.

1. You aren’t both playing for the same team

Watching the Superbowl together as a first date can get hella awkward-especially if the two of you are rooting for opposite sides. If you know that you and your crush are team rivals, we advise avoiding making your first date centered around something that could end in one of you being pissed at the other.

2. It’s really, really, REALLY loud

If you choose to go to a party or a bar to watch the big game, there will be tons of people there all holding different conversations which will make it difficult for you to carry and hear any conversation you’re trying to have with your date. The first date is usually all about getting to know your potential new boo as much as you can and watching the Superbowl together at the bar in Applebee’s will make that difficult.

3. You don’t like football

Your first date should be enjoyable above all else, and if you have no interest in watching the big game at all, we’d suggest skipping the invitation(as tempting as it sounds), and choosing to do something you know you’ll both enjoy another time. Besides, it’ll give you both something to look forward to, and you’ll have more fun.

4. You’ll have nothing to talk about other than football

Even if you are both football fans and rooting for the same team, realize that during the Superbowl, aside from the commercials and halftime performance, a majority of the conversation will be centered around football. And while the casual conversation is good, spending your entire first date(and four hours) talking about a sport can get boring after the first hour. If you really want to talk to your crush about the game, shoot him a text after the game instead.

5. You can forget about getting flirty and frisky

It’s the Superbowl after all, so we’re almost 100% sure that the only thing on your crush’s mind is the big game. So if you’re thinking of getting a bit closer or looking to snuggle up, the Superbowl is the worst time to do that.

6. Yelling, yelling and more yelling

When guys watch sports, they tend to get really engrossed in the game, and they express their emotion like most of America-yelling at the t.v. screen. The Superbowl is one of the most action-packed televised programs of the year so expect tons of screaming, tons of yelling and lots of jumping up and down. This makes for fun and light entertainment but not the greatest first date.

7. Bromances Beware!

Whether you’re at a house party or your local bar, it’s almost more than likely that your date will be there with his buddies. Unless you wanna spend your first date as the third wheel of your date and his guy friends, we’d suggest sitting this one out.

8. It lacks real romance

There’s literally nothing romantic at all about watching the Superbowl, so if you’re looking for that, don’t make the Superbowl your first date.

9. You have no idea what the hell is going on

If you only watch the Superbowl for the half-time performance and have no idea what the hell is going on, we’d suggest not making the Superbowl your first date. Your date will get tired of answering your game related questions.

10. If you don’t click with him, you’re pretty much stuck

Let’s say you both meet up and halfway through the game you realize that your date is a dud! Now you’re stuck on a crappy, boring date with this guy you have no interest in and you still have 2 hours left! Avoid that possibility and skip the game.

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