Top 10 Obvious Signs You’ve Finally Found Your Work BFF

Having a #workbae doesn’t necessarily have to only apply to guys. Especially when it comes to working in a predominantly female environment. When you’re surrounded by your co-workers, for a majority of your days, sparks can fly and before you know you’ve found your work BFF. With a work bestie in your corner you now not only have someone to chat with about the latest episode of This Is Us and Riverdale but tons of other things (like how much your other co-workers and boss piss you off.)

Finding your work bestie can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack so to make it super clear, here are 10 clear signs you’ve found your work BFF.

1.Work without them sucks more than usual.

2.You see each other outside of work.

3.They make crappy days better.

On those days where you come into work late, you spilled coffee over yourself on the commute over, you forgot your lunch on the counter and your boyfriend  pissed you off, having a work BFF to cheer you up (or secretly cry to in the ladies bathroom), help make those really shitty days, not so shitty.

Having your own language with your work bestie not only comes in handy during those boring monthly staff meetings but being able to communicate and have secret convos consisting entirely of facial expressions is perfect for those times when you can’t get to your phone.

Not only can you re-up on caffeine, but you also get to hear all the latest juicy gossip.

6. Eating lunch together is the best part of both your days.

Having lunch with your work bestie is great because it’s the only time out of the day where you both can spend your time relaxing and rebooting-together.

7. Text talk in the middle of the day is serious business.

For those moments when facial expressions just won’t do, having a work buddy to text when you’re having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the day is serious BFF goals.

8.You go to each for advice.

It’s pretty serious if you can go to your work bestie for advice about work and your personal life.

9.You’d low-key be devastated if one of you left.

If the thought of your work buddy leaving you for another job or different position makes you shed a tear, she may mean a bit more to you than you thought.

10.You send each other inappropriate things all the time.

Sending each other dirty jokes and inappropriate little gifts is what having a work BFF is really all about.