Just 11 People Who Are Bracing Themselves For Jack’s Death On ‘This Is Us’ Tonight

For This is Us fans, it’s difficult to get in the Super Bowl spirit without thinking of another dedicated football fan who may well meet his fate tonight.

After two seasons of teasers, the NBC hit drama is finally promising to reveal how TV’s heart-achingly lovable dad will die — leaving the rest of us ducking out of Super Bowl parties early for an evening of Kleenex consumption, wine nursing, and choking back sobs.

Milo Ventimiglia has foreshadowed that his character’s death will be “soul-crushing” to watch, and Twitter is preparing accordingly for a night of grieving. After all, who cares which team wins the Super Bowl when Jack Pearson is surrounded by flames, prepared to sacrifice himself in the name of the only thing that has ever mattered to him — his family?

Ahead of what promises to be a revealing and emotional episode, Jack Pearson fans are already in mourning.

Super Bowl gotta hurry up so This Is Us can show us how Jack died cuz I’m already about to be mad.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) February 4, 2018

I’m crying and the episode hasn’t even aired yet #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/zDlJEZ0GVk

— •Paige Inglee• (@PaigeInglee) February 4, 2018

Everyone is talking about #Eagles this and #Patriots that, and I’m just over here mentally preparing for Jack’s death…#ThisIsUs #SuperBowlSunday

— Tori Hall (@ToriFiorenza) February 4, 2018


I'M NOT READY!!!! I thought I was…But I'm not! #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/P9zZpzNYIg

— JO 🎹🎼🎶🎵 (@19_Joanne_87) February 2, 2018

There’s a lot of excitement on twitter about the game. Everyone seems to be forgetting that 60 minutes after it’s over, Jack’s going to be dead. #ThisIsUs

— Alyssa Marino (@alyssakmarino) February 4, 2018

Really excited to see how Jack Pearson ends up safely in witness protection where he will remain healthy and alive until 20 years later when he emerges with a gray hair in his beard #ThisIsUs

— Carina Adly MacKenzie (@cadlymack) February 2, 2018


It’s Jack Pearson’s death day and I feel nauseated #ThisIsUs

— Megan Smith (@megannn1231) February 4, 2018

For the first time in my life I’ve been counting down the days to #SuperBowl Sunday and why?! Because Jack Pearson is going to break my heart right after it! @MiloVentimiglia #ThisIsUs 💔

— Rebecca Casserly (@BoopFashionista) February 4, 2018

Dubbing this Sunday the SuperBAWL because that’s what we’ll all be doing during/after #ThisIsUs @Dan_Fogelman @ThisIsUsWriters @ThisIsUs_Fans_ pic.twitter.com/8UhGB3uRb0

— Dana Angelo (@Dana_Angelo) February 2, 2018


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