Top 10 Fun Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Not everyone is single and ready to mingle on Valentine’s Day and for some singles, avoiding couples is the best way of going about getting through the holiday that reminds you that you’re alone. Fortunately, there’s actually plenty of things to do and places to go where you can not only enjoy your Valentine’s Day solo but avoid being stuck waiting in line or sitting next to a couple who’s MO is plenty of P.D.A.(Public Displays of Affection)

If you’re looking to enjoy your Valentine’s Day as a single (and avoid couples in the process), here are 10 fun ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day alone.

1.Get  a glimpse into your future

Perhaps you want to know just how many more Valentine’s Days you’ll be spending alone or if you’re gonna get an A on that paper. Either way, seeing a psychic is a fun way to spend your V-Day especially if you want to get a glimpse into what your future is gonna look like. If you’re not really a believer, seeing a psychic just for the experience or taking a fellow single friend along is something worth trying at least once in your life and Valentine’s Day is as great a time as any to go.

2. Have an “I’m The Sh*t” photoshoot

Skip the Youtube tutorials, go get your makeup done by a professional and have a photo shoot for yourself. You don’t even need to hire a pro. If you’re feeling adventurous grab your tripod and set the scene yourself(thank goodness for timers). If you don’t feel like venturing outside, pull out that ring light that’s been collecting dust and finally take that model-worthy selfie you’ve wanted to upload to your dating profile.

3.Get your zen on

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to find your center and recharge your battery. We spend so much time running around and hardly ever schedule the time to relax, meditate and recharge. Look up local yoga classes in your area and invite a single friend of yours along to add to the fun.

4. Plan for the future

If you’re like most of us than you’re probably living your life day by day and damn near hour by hour. If you’re riding solo this year on Valentine’s Day, taking some time out to sit down and plan your future or finally create that bucket list you’ve meant to start is the perfect time to do so.

5.Take in a new art exhibit or visit a museum

Instead of waiting for your crush or non-existent boyfriend, treat yourself to visiting a museum or an art exhibit that peaked your interest. Sometimes we shortchange ourselves by waiting on others to do something that we really want to do. And while the idea of walking a museum or art show alone sounds “loserish” it’s actually a great time to meet new people who share a similar hobby/interest.

6. Plan a girls trip

If you can’t remember the last time you and your girls took a girls trip, V-Day is the perfect time to actually plan one. With Spring Break right around the corner, coordinating a Snap worthy girls trip is a must, and by starting the planning now, you’ll have all the details and kinks ironed out and ready to present to your besties early.

7. Indulge in some good wine and your favorite throwback series

Grab that bottle of Moscato and your DVDs and use Valentine’s Day to indulge in some shameless binge-watching of your favorite throwback television series. Whether you thought Buffy The Vampire Slayer was bad ass or tuned in every Sunday to indulge with the housewive OGs on Wisteria Lane, Valentine’s Day is a great day to get lost in your favorite old school tv series that you’d normally have no time to watch.

8. Throw an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party

Grab your man-hating gal pals and throw yourself an Anti-Valentine’s Day party like Jessica Biel‘s character did in the movie Valentine’s Day. Heart pinata and baseball bat totally optional.

9. Get to know your online matches

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to strike up convos with your single matches on your dating profile. Take some extra time out this Valentine’s Day to message those single cuties you’ve been swiping past for weeks.

10.Get a massage

Because if there were ever any time to pamper yourself, it’d be now!

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