Kim Kardashian Makes $10 Million in Four Days from New Perfume

Just in time for Valentines Day, Kim Kardashian West has dropped some candy heart-inspired perfumes which have already sold out in just a couple of days. The three scents are called Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die, and according to an exciting video on her Snapchat we got a sneak peek on who was getting a box of her new scent, and some of them she announced as her “Haters.” The list included some people she has had drama within the past such as Blac Chyna, Wendy Williams, and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Kim has been teasing these perfumes for a while now on her Instagram where followers have seen her pose alongside statues of the fragrances with her signature platinum blonde hair and tight outfits.She even posted a photo of a manicure with three candy hearts that had the fragrance names on them. If there’s one thing Kim knows how to do is advertise her products on social media.

Even though this amount of perfumes sold is an extreme amount of money, it’s actually not much compared to her Crystal Gardenia Perfume which made $10 million in just one day. So congratulations to Kim and her constant success.

The New Perfumes are called Kimoji Hearts and according to the description on her KKW fragrance website are a mix of sweet and floral, just like her past fragrances which were announced as a sweet and floral scent as well.

The fragrances are currently sold out but keep checking back on kkwfragrance for re-stock.

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