The *NSYNC Reunion Is Happening Sooner Rather Than Later

While Justin Timberlake‘s Halftime performance at Sunday’s Superbowl left everyone talking, there was a lot left to be desired-especially for *NSYNC fans. For weeks leading up to the Halftime show, fans hoped, prayed and speculated about a possible reunion that the former boyband would reunite a la Beyonce and Destiny’s Child a few years ago.

 Superbowl Reunion Slighted

Timberlake, who’s been busy promoting his new album “Man of Woods,” performed on his own with the only surprise guest being a projected image and footage of the late, Prince. While the unexpected tribute was heartfelt & touching, *NYSYNC fans remained hopeful, tweeting their prayers of a surprise of their own.

After Timberlake’s performance, *NSYNC fans expressed their disappointment when the reunion did not happen.

While many *NSYNC fans felt like the real losers that night, it turns out there is light at the end of the tunnel as it was just announced that a *NSYNC reunion WILL happen after all and much sooner than we think.

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A Spring Surprise

TMZ recently caught up with bandmate Lance Bass who confirmed that the group will finally reunite very, very soon. Before you pull out your *NSYNC tees and dust off your “No Strings Attached” CD, the reunion isn’t quite like what it sounds. Bass confirmed while out with his husband Monday night that the group will reunite for their Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony this spring.

While there’s no real confirmation as to whether the group will be singing at the ceremony, when asked, Bass didn’t rule the possibility of it happening out. “There’s always a possibility of course,” he told cameras. And while fans may feel like their requests are falling on deaf ears, Bass acknowledged their Superbowl letdown saying, “Of course they’re disappointed, they’re *NSYNC fans.”

This wouldn’t be *NSYNC fans’ first taste of disappointment either. Last year Bass promoted the band’s reunion for the  Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, but unfortunately, he had misspoken, and completely ‘tore up our hearts,’ when the ceremony was postponed.

Bass recently told Billboard that unlike last year the reunion will definitely go down this year for sure.

“We’re all five gonna be together, we’re gonna do the star ceremony, and then, of course, we’re gonna have to throw a party to celebrate.”

At this point, we’ll take whatever we can get, although a nice tribute concert couldn’t hurt.

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