Twitter Is Applauding This Student Who Stepped In When She Thought A Woman Was Being Harassed

Girls have to stick together, especially when a guy is being creepy. Twitter user @nictoobomb, Nicoletta shared a hilarious story of ladies sticking together.

She was at the gym with her boyfriend Ricky, except Ricky wasn’t acting like her boyfriend. He was pretending to hit on her at the gym. Ricky was saying things like, “you look nice in those leggings, can I take you out some time?”

A random girl at the gym saw Ricky’s behavior and not knowing he was actually Nicoletta’s boyfriend decided to do something to save Nicoletta. The random girl walked up to Nicoletta and asked her if she was ready to leave.

The random girl acted like Nicoletta to try and save her from the “creepy guy,” but the creepy guy was actually her BF. Either way, everyone loved that this random chick would try and help Nicoletta.

There were lots of replies sharing similar stories of help and people asking how they can help when they see a similar situation. But there were also some ignorant people who thought it was unfair that the random girl thought she should save Nicoletta because guys have a right to hit on a girl anywhere anytime.

The stranger who stepped in the middle of Nicoletta and Ricky is Maddison Westcott. She quote tweeted Nicoletta’s viral tweet and explained her actions.

Even though Nicoletta and Ricky were just goofing around always follow in Maddison’s footsteps and help someone who looks like they’re in a bad situation.

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