Shay Mitchell Ran Naked Down Sunset Boulevard To Celebrate 3 Million Youtube Subscribers

Shay Mitchell is not one to go back on her word.

The former Pretty Little Liars star hit three million subscribers on her Youtube channel this week, and to celebrate, she ran naked down Sunset Boulevard clad in nothing but yellow “Nice Buns” underwear, sneakers, and a unicorn mask.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE ACTUALLY POSTING THIS,” Shay wrote on her video, titled “I Ran Naked Through the Streets of LA!” “Sammy is crazy for holding me to this.”


Sammy, Shay’s assistant, deserves all of the accolades for being THAT friend. Despite her boss’ calm refusals, nevertheless she persisted.

“Do you remember in Morocco on our Shay-cation when you said when you hit three million subscribers on Youtube you’re gonna run through the street naked?” she posed, unveiling a unicorn mask so no one would recognize her boss.

Eventually, Shay caved, peeling off her clothes and jogging out the door. Sammy had to scramble to her car to keep up.


“Oh my god,” Shay ends the video, breathless from her run, “Guess what happens when I hit ten.”

One thing is for sure: Shay would be an amazing addition to any “Truth or Dare” game.

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