Valentine’s Day 2018 Memes: Best Photos & Jokes

Well Valentine’s Day is officially upon us and the national day of all things love and romance is actually more than just boxes of chocolate and professions of love, although we totally love these additives.

Annually celebrated on the 14th of February,  Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine was originally a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus. The Saint’s claim to fame became known because he performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry.

The Saint also was known for ministering to Christians. Because he seriously went against the rules, his good efforts were all for naught, and he was imprisoned because of it.

Before he was executed tragically by his jailer, Saint Valentinus wrote a letter to his daughter and signed it ‘From your Valentine.’ Eerily enough, Valentinus was buried on February 14th so in hindsight we are totally celebrating love on the day that the Saint was put to rest.

If you’re wondering where all the romantic shit came from, that was not associated with Valentine’s Day until the middle ages. In England, by the 1700s the holiday started to resemble Valentine’s Day we know and love today. By the 1700s lovers started expressing their love on the 14th by showering their love, crushes and Man Crush Mondays with flowers, candy and cards and signed them just as the Saint did to his letter to his daughter.

Speaking of chocolates and Valentine’s Day, every V-Day, there is at least 36 million heart-shaped boxes of those chocolates sold and eaten because let’s be real, those chocolates are delicious. The first Valentine’s Day box of those yummy candies was invented by Richard Cadbury in the late 19th Century.

Unfortunately for the men, they usually wind up spending double the amount of money on Valentine’s Day gifts than women spend which means this is the one holiday where we give our wallets a much, MUCH needed break. As for those lovely red roses that get delivered to us every year, 50 million of them are sent around the world on Valentine’s Day. And if you’re wondering where’s the card to go along with your gift, it could be that there were none left because women tend to buy about 85% of all the V-Day cards sold. Being as how it’s considered to be the second most popular day of the year (behind Christmas) for sending cards, it makes sense.

While you munch on those chocolates that you happily ditched your diet for because this day only comes once a year, so it’s completely acceptable, take a look at some of the best Valentine’s Day memes and jokes.

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