Amy Schumer Is Receiving Backlash Over Her New Movie ‘I Feel Pretty’

Comedian Amy Schumer continues her film career with the upcoming summer comedy I Feel Pretty. This will be her third film since Trainwreck and Snatched.  The movie is about a young woman who struggles with her looks and self-esteem and comparing herself to other women. One day when she is at the gym she bumps her head causing her to look at herself as beautiful and goes on funny and confident adventures.

Many would think that this is a perfect time to release a movie about a female having confidence in herself due to the many women empowerment movements that have come out this past year. Unfortunately, that is not the case with this project, many people have taken to Twitter to voice their reactions to the movie, and the responses are not good at all.

Many viewers are now commenting that Schumer has made a film that is “problematic” because she is talking about an issue that so many women suffer from, which is low self-esteem and saying that to feel confident you must hit your head and you will see the world differently. Yikes.

Here are some negative tweets about the movie.

Some people are actually defending the comedian against the negative comments she’s receiving.

What do you think about the movie? Will you go see it?

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