10 Ways Your Sister Knows You Better Than Your BFF








Having your bestie by your side in the middle of a crisis is fantastic but there are just some moments when having your sister around is actually 10 times better.

There’s something about having a sister who understands you in ways you didn’t think she could. Here’s a list of 10 ways your sister actually knows you better than your BFF.

1. She understands that food is a substantial way to apologize.

Sometimes the best way for you and your sister to kiss and make up after a stupid argument is with a pint of your favorite ice cream with sprinkles. Sprinkles ALWAYS makes things better.

2. She knows what will look good on you…

Having your sister give you style advice is great because you know she’ll be 100 percent honest about the things that look great on you and things that just don’t suit your style.

3. …and what would look better on her.

Of course, with her fantastic fashion advice comes those instances where she’ll tell you that the dress you’ve been eyeing won’t do you as much justice as it would on her, but you take the good with the bad.

4. She knows when you need some tough love…

Only your sister can tell you when you’re acting like a bitch or being too overdramatic and you just sit there and smile because even though you want to curse her out, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s right.

5. …and when you just need to vent.

Of course, she’ll totally make up and lend a listening ear during those times when you need to vent about your latest melodrama.

6. She has your best interest at heart when it comes to dating.

There’s something to be said when your sister isn’t fond of your boyfriend or tries to sway you away from the cutie you met at the bar last week. Similar to “Spidey-senses,” your sister has a great way of knowing when a guy is just all wrong for you. It may sound like she’s c**k blocking, but in reality, she’s just looking out for you.

7. She understands your whacky family

There’s nothing like having a sister who understands your crazy ass family like¬†you do. Only you two can relate when your dad does something embarrassing in public or when your uncle starts talking about his “glory days” so you work together to escape the trip down memory lane.

8. You’ve mastered having a convo across the room through facial expressions.

It takes a special amount of skill to have a full convo with your sister across the room solely through facial expressions. Kudos to y’all.

9. Your meme sharing game is on point.

Making one another laugh throughout the day by tagging each other in memes that only she’d understand really makes the day go by faster.

10. Because she actually does know you better than anyone else

Sure, sometimes your sister is gonna get on your nerves. You’re gonna get into fights that make no sense, and you’re not always gonna agree, but at the end of the day, that’s your sister and as much as you may not be able to see it-she really does know you better than any of your friends. Which if you think about it, is pretty awesome.

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