People Are Sharing Aggravating & Hilarious Things Teachers Did When They Were Students

When asked about their favorite teacher, most everyone is quick with an answer. Perhaps it’s the encouraging 6th grade teacher who fostered your talents, or the mild-mannered high school instructor who pushed you to work harder, or the polarizing college professor who supported you through a family tragedy. But just as memorable are the least-favorite teachers: those who, in big ways or small, struck a humiliating, enraging, or outright upsetting nerve.

Twitter user @PuccaNoodles prompted an outpouring of memories this week when she asked her followers to share stories from school that they’ll never forget.

“What’s something a teacher did that still makes you mad?” she posed.

Twitter came back with an onslaught of anecdotes that still upset them, and it serves as a reminder that while no one’s school experience was the same, having at least one negative teacher experience is infuriatingly common.

whats something a teacher did that still makes you mad?

— marie lum 💌 林梅方 (@PuccaNoodles) February 16, 2018

Some people had teachers who refused to foster their talents…

High school teacher tried to convince me to take his AP Chem course. Told him I wasn’t going to because I needed room for my art courses. Deadass looked me in the eyes and said “I hope you like ramen noodles” and turned on his heel

— Micah Breitweiser (@Mykaa_CGlife) February 17, 2018

Miss Atherton, English teacher, read my story and said, “Stop using all those long words, I don’t understand them.” I was 13. I understood them.

— Alison, LBA Books (@LBABooks) February 17, 2018

In history we had to write down as many terms abt pearl harbor that we could think of in like 3 minutes. I wrote down "east wind rain" (pearl harbor winds code) as one of mine, but my teacher didnt know what that was so he made fun of me in front of the entire class

— marie lum 💌 林梅方 (@PuccaNoodles) February 16, 2018

Told me coding wasn’t for “people like me” (aka girls), so I taught myself instead. Just to prove a point, created a whole website for final project, Everyone else did powerpoint. “This is just a Website you used, where’s your project?” “No, I made it, it has my name on it.” “Oh”

— Alexandra Gallant (@Gallantdesigner) February 16, 2018

Or who suppressed their individuality.

My principal once pulled me aside and told me I should stop painting my nails black and try out for the cheerleaders 🤦🏻‍♀️

— 🖤Mortemer🖤 (@Mort3mer) February 17, 2018

English teacher confiscated all my doodles for an entire year and showed them to my parents as proof of my delinquency

— Dodger 🎄 Vlogmas! (@dexbonus) February 17, 2018

Some students remember being shamed for silly reasons…

In 3rd grade they had a "handwriting specialist" come & help teach us cursive. This woman was physically forcing my fingers to hold the pencil differently & yelled at me that I was doing it wrong in front of the class as I held back tears & tried to tell her I was left-handed.

— Lindsay S (@LegallyLinz) February 17, 2018

She started telling the class about how she has a student that draws circles instead of dotting their i’s and what a waste of time it was…it was me. My stomach always growled in her class from skipping bfast and she always mocked me for it 😩

— 🖤Mortemer🖤 (@Mort3mer) February 17, 2018

5th grade, English teacher wouldn’t let me do a report on a book because I struggled to pronounce a word or two out loud. Instead of helping me work it out she just kept telling me I was saying it wrong and to go again.

— Megan (GemSola) (@BookAddict916) February 17, 2018

Or otherwise treated in an insensitive manner.

My mother died when I was 8. I was told to make a Mother’s Day card for my dad so as not to upset the other children – surely she could have given me a better reason, even if that was the reality.

— Ermintrude (@Ermintrude2) February 17, 2018

The Twitter thread was picked up for a Twitter moment on Friday, and has been liked thousands of times. Still, despite the overall negative theme of the thread, many people are sharing how these experiences failed to define them, and ultimately made them stronger. Kelly Clarkson would approve.

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