‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Admits To Using Drugs While Pregnant With Daughter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is making headlines after revealing that she was using drugs while pregnant with her third child, daughter, Ensley. The mother of three went on The Brand podcast last week where she told Vince Russo that after having a visit from Child Protective Services, she admitted to having smoked cannabis within 30 days of giving birth to her daughter.

Evans tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, after giving birth to her daughter Ensley in January 2017 but declared that her daughter did not.

After the story of Evans’ drug use broke, Twitter users chimed in to share their reactions, some admittedly not surprised due to Evan’s history on Teen Mom 2.


Over the years Jenelle Evans has shot up heroin on tv, neglected her children, abused her animals, wished death on a veteran and posed with a gun mere hours after a horrific school shooting. When will she face consequences for her actions? Stop paying her for acting stupid!!

— Lexus Carrera (@LexusCarrera) February 17, 2018

On top of Evans’ irresponsibility and parenting being called into question, following last week’s high school Valentine’s Day shooting, Evans’ and her husband were bashed across social media after posting a photo of them proudly toting guns.

This is JENELLE EVANS tryna be relevant during a school shooting!!!
SMFH! pic.twitter.com/NRi1sGWtPR

— MikeRykerHatter🎩😎© (@mlukini5) February 15, 2018

Twitter was beyond pissed for the couple’s clear display of insensitivity for the tragedy and further attacked Evans and her husband, David Eason.

Evans married Eason, 29, back in September 2017 and Eason has come under fire several times for his incredibly conservative views and most recently being called out for using homophobic slurs and making homophobic remarks.

@amyschumer @mtv @Viacom employ this man, David Eason (@davideportcity) he is on the show teen mom 2. He is married to Jenelle Evans Eason who also uses homophobic slurs. Please help us fight these two. This isn’t ok. pic.twitter.com/s3oKlqN472

— Probably not a Hero (HSH) 💛 (@HalfSh3ll3dH3r0) February 19, 2018

Fans have since been calling for MTV to cut ties with Evans and Eason for their recent antics.


@MTV @mjfree you pride yourself on being a company that embraces and supports the LGBTQ community. Show your support for the community by firing #DavidEason and #JenelleEvans from Teen Mom 2.

— Cassy Watson (@cstutzy) February 20, 2018

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are exemplary examples of what is wrong with our Society.

— Money Hole (@MockingJanay) February 20, 2018

Following the backlash, Evans disabled her Twitter account, something she’s done three other times prior.

Jenelle Evans dramastically deactivated her twitter 4 umpteenth time. By choice or force it doesn't matter, she still has: Insta, FB and SC.

— Money Hole (@MockingJanay) February 20, 2018

While MTV has yet to speak out on the latest controversy surrounding Evans and her husband, Evans who has two boys from two other different men, has been let go from some of her endorsement deals following the 26-year-old’s troublesome image and persona.

Earlier in the month, Evans was fired from Blue Apron, the food delivery service that was paying Evans to promote their services to her 2.8 million followers. After Twitter users staged a boycott, Blue Apron responded to the complaints saying the reality TV mom’s controversial persona conflicted with the brand’s “wholesome image.”

Thanks for reaching out. We will no longer be advertising with Jenelle.

— Blue Apron (@blueapron) February 8, 2018

Of course in true Evans’ style, she lashed out against the company by posting complaints about the company’s service on her now deactivated Twitter account.

With all the drama surrounding Evans and her husband, all we can hope for is that their children are safe and don’t suffer because of this.

What do you think of Evans and all her family drama?

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