5 Tips On How To Dump Your Winter Fling For Spring

In the winter, having your winter cuff by your side to keep you warm is a great way to pass those cold and dreary months. But once the weather starts to get a bit nicer, and the layers of clothes you had to schlep around in start to come off, it’s time to cut your winter cuff off and enjoy all the perks spring and summer have to offer, including being single and free to mingle.

If you and your winter bae cuffed correctly, then they should know that the day you two decide to go your separate ways is rapidly approaching as the weather gets nicer.  However every so often you are forced to cut your winter boo lose if he fails to realize the end is near or doesn’t get the hint.

It’s never easy to end things with your winter bae, so here are five tips on how to break things off with your winter cuff once spring arrives!

1. Start Having More Group Outings.

Group outings are a great way to not only reintroduce yourself to your friends after being cooped up with your winter fling for months, BUT it also starts to put some distance between you and your winter boo and reminds them that the end of your winter rendezvous is approaching.

2. Share Your (Solo) Summer Plans And Ask About Theirs.

Subtly (and gradually) dropping hints of your solo summer plans is a great way to casually remind your winter sweetheart that eventually he’s gonna have to depart from this crazy train and go off on his own. Asking him about his summer plans allows you to see what he will be up to and to see if he mentions you in any of his plans. If he doesn’t mention you at all you may be in the clear, but if he does mention partaking in a summer romance with you, you may have some trouble cutting him loose.

3. Distance Yourself From “We”.

Admit it, it’s been nice being apart of a “we” all winter. And while you and your winter boo canoodled together, it was only evident before you two started acting like a real couple and referring to each other as “we” when in conversation with your friends. If you are looking to break things off with your winter cuff come spring, it’s time to stop referencing each other as “we” and get back to using those “I” pronouns.

4. Be Honest Without Being Cruel.

There are ways of being honest with your winter cuff without being totally brutal at the same time. This was the person you voluntarily laid up with all winter so give the guy some respect when ending things.

5. Let Them Down Easily Via Text

Sure breaking up with your winter fling via text sounds like cruel and unusual punishment but if you both knew that this day would eventually come, it actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. Choosing the right way to say “Thanks for a fun winter, see ya next year” sounds difficult but sending them something simple that lets them down easy is a great way to leave the possibility open for a hookup next winter.

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