Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Method To Taming Social Media Haters

Often outspoken and never afraid to express EXACTLY what she thinks and feels, Chrissy Teigen‘s quickly become one of the people you do NOT want to get into it with on social media. The Lip Sync Battle host has been known to snap at the press when they come out of pocket, troll the president and proudly show off her supermodel goods on social media.

With baby number two on the way, you would think Teigen, who’s become known for her clap backs, would turn it down a notch. Well, if you’ve been following Teigen on Twitter and Instagram, you’d know that when it comes to Teigen’s social media her pettiness will never tone down.

With social media being so easily accessible it’s easy for a few haters to slip in amongst your fans. Well, Teigen, who’s pissed off her fair share of followers is now spilling her tips and ways she keeps her Twitter hater-free.

In a string of tweets on Wednesday, Teigen told her followers the things that will undoubtedly get you added to her block list. Teigen’s sarcastic sense of humor sometimes leads people to not take her seriously but don’t get it twisted, Teigen is letting everyone know that she shouldn’t be messed with.

Teigen who is “petty and proud” on her social media takes no prisoners when it comes to clapping back.

Haters have felt the cookbook author’s wrath before.

Teigen does not play around when it comes to her parenting skills and how she handles being a mom to the couple’s daughter Luna. Teigen’s been known to drop a few f-bombs when it comes to defending her child and how she parents.

Teigen’s husband Legend even has been known to experience Teigen’s strong AF Twitter game, calling her man out for having time to tweet but not text her back.

At the end of the day, Teigen is giving everyone a fair warning on what will and won’t get you blocked so take heed.

What’s your favorite clap back from Teigen?

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