Here’s Everything We Know About This Sunday’s Olympics Closing Ceremony In PyeongChang

It’s been an amazing last few weeks in Pyeongchang. We had no shame as we parked ourselves in front of the TV every night as we cheered on our favorite teams and athletes as individuals carved out their places in history. Some earned gold while some earned determination for the next Winter Games. While the outcome wasn’t always what some had hoped for, it was great to see athletes graciously accept the cards that they were dealt. So far, Norway is leading with the most amount of medals while the USA is in fourth place.

This year’s Games are coming to a close, and athletes will wrap up their competitions and make their final rounds before this weekend’s closing ceremony. The opening ceremony was a fusion of tradition and technological innovation as there was an incorporation of light displays and drones. All eyes will be on the closing ceremony to see what South Korea will bring to the table as the host. Here’s everything we know so far about this Sunday’s ceremony.

1. Jessie Diggins will be carrying the flag.

Luger Erin Hamlin was the flag bearer during the opening ceremony and for the closing, it’ll be Jessie’s turn. Jessie, along with teammate Kikkan Randall became the US’ first gold medalists in cross-country skiing.

2. Boy band EXO and solo artist CL will be performing.

South Korea is big on K-pop, naturally, so it was no surprise when EXO and CL were announced in the lineup. According to Forbes, they will be joined by a surprise artist and an EDM DJ. EXO and CL aren’t solely popular in South Korea, either, EXO is trilingual while CL signed with Scooter Braun, who has worked behind Justin Bieber, a few years ago. During the opening ceremony, several Korean artists sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” so we’ll see if there’ll be another blending of cultures on Sunday.

3. The Olympic Stadium will be destroyed after the Paralympics.

Yep, the stadium that was specifically built for the occasion and cost millions will be demolished after the Paralympics, according to Vox. Thought it seems like the stadium should be kept for the sentimentality, the sheer size of it is too big for it to be used for practical purposes. The stadium is located in a rather remote area and locals wouldn’t be able to make enough use of it for it to stay standing. If you want to see it in its final glory, tune in to the Paralympics in March.

4. The torch will be passed onto Tokyo.

The pivotal torch will be passed from South Korea to Tokyo, the host of the Summer Olympics in 2020. During the Rio Games, Tokyo displayed a technological preview of the future games in 2020 so it could be likely that they’d give another in Pyeongchang.

5. The theme for the closing ceremony is “Next Wave.”

The site states, “It will have a festival atmosphere to recognize and celebrate the athletes’ hard work and achievements at the Games. We have created a show that looks towards the future; it includes quite a lot of traditional Korean humor and fun elements to add to the party feel.”

6. You can buy Team USA’s closing ceremony uniforms.

Ralph Lauren has always been a favorite for designing Team USA’s Olympic uniforms. After all, they’re the epitome of American style. Red, white, and blue are the signature colors of the uniforms, and you can now buy the Olympians’ limited edition closing ceremony looks. On the site, Alex Shibutani and Gus Kenworthy, among others, model the pieces. You can get your hands on everything from mittens, beanies, to classic tees so you can dress up or dress down in sporty chic. You might want to hurry though because some items have already sold out.

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