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Ryan Seacrest is easily considered one of the most hardworking men in entertainment television. Juggling three jobs and more on any given day, Seacrest’s success is primarily because he works his ass off.

Seacrest’s career has fully taken off since his television debut as American Idol’s co-host. in 2002. Seacrest was initially cast as a judge for the singing competition show despite having little to no experience in that arena. After Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were chosen as judges,  Seacrest auditioned for the third and final position. Seacrest landed the job but had bigger dreams of being a successful show host.

The show set out to find Seacrest’s replacement (Randy Jackson), and Seacrest got his chance to host. The rest as we’ve seen is pretty much television history.

Ryan Seacrest Estimated Net Worth As Of 2018: $380 Million

So how has Seacrest managed to turn his days as a local television host into a yearly salary of $65 million? Let’s take a look at how Seacrest’s hard work has paid off.

Early Life


Ryan John Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother, Constance Marie was a homemaker while his dad Gary Lee Seacrest was a real estate lawyer. His mother later told the press that while other young boys were busy playing with toys, Seacrest more interested in putting on shows (with a mic of course), in his house.

While Seacrest was still in high school, he landed a local radio internship at just 16-years old. His mentor turned out to be Tom Sullivan who would train Seacrest on the ins and outs of radio. Seacrest continued to work at the local station until graduating high school.

In 1992 he went to the University of Georgia to study journalism whilst working his local television gig. At 19 though, Seacrest had dreams of superstardom, so he dropped out of college and embarked on a career in Hollywood.

2002 – 2006


For the next ten years following dropping out of school Seacrest slowly worked his way up the hosting gig ladder. Some of his gigs include hosting for big-time networks like ESPN, NBC and Spike.

In 2002 Seacrest got his big break after auditioning and landing the gig as co-host on the now popular television show American Idol. For the first season, Seacrest co-hosted the show with comedian Brian Dunkleman. Seacrest though proved to be a massive success on his own that after the first season ended, he would host the show on his own moving forward.

Seacrest took home his biggest paycheck at the time with a salary of $15 million. Seacrest continued to rake in millions as his hosting and television roles expanded.

In 2003, Seacrest hosted the spin-off show, American Juniors. The following year aside from his various hosting gigs along with American Idol, Seacrest became the new host of the radio program American Top 40, a weekly countdown show, created and formerly hosted by Casey Kasem.

In February of 2004, Seacrest became the host of LA’s radio station KIIS’s morning show. The show eventually was changed to On Air With Ryan Seacrest and was relocated to Seacrest’s Manhattan studio.

As if Seacrest didn’t have any more on his plate, in 2005, it was announced that Seacrest would become executive producer and co-host of ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. That year Seacrest performed much of the show’s hosting duties and continued to do so for the next four years.

2007 – 2011


In January 2006,  E! entertainment channel announced a three-year, $21 million deal for Seacrest to host and produce various programs, including E! News and its red carpet award show coverages. That same year, Seacrest launched Ryan Seacrest Productions, which would become the production company responsible for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the Kardashian family’s claim to fame and fortune.

By 2007 Ryan was bringing home a yearly salary at a minimum of $15 million along with his many other jobs as a television host and radio host.

In 2009 Seacrest managed to renegotiate the biggest television hosting deal to date. A move that that would put him on the map as one of today’s most successful men in entertainment television. After working as host of American Idol for seven years, Seacrest inked a deal with for $45 million to continue to host American Idol, making him the highest paid reality television host to date. Also that year, ABC renamed Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, to reflect Seacrest’s pivotal role.

2012 – Present


By 2012 Seacrest signed a two-year contract to continue working as host of American Idol worth $30 million. His additional earnings from working with NBC brought in $15 million. This due in part to Seacrest’s contributions to the Today Show, Olympics coverage, entertainment programming, as well as various news and special events coverage.  In spite of adding yet another job to the already busy working media man, Seacrest remained managing editor of E! News and host and produces its red carpet awards show coverage as well as producer of all his programming through his production company.

In 2013 it was reported that Seacrest earns a $1 million per year for hosting the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. In 2014 Seacrest’s earnings amassed $65 million and the following year he took home $60 million.

In 2017 it was announced that Seacrest would join Kelly Ripa as host of Live with Kelly and Ryan as her new permanent co-host and began his new gig on May 1, 2017.

As of today, Seacrest takes home a yearly salary of $65 million, continues to be an active member of his production company and media group, a successful and sought-after television and radio host, and has even started his own clothing line. Seacrest’s success has garnered him a variety of luxury cars and gorgeous real-estate.

However, in spite of his extraordinary career success, the 43-year-old has not been quite as lucky in regards to his personal life. In 2013 his only high profile romance as of late ended with Julianne Hough. In 2017 Seacrest’s name was brought up amid allegations of sexual harassment by his stylist. The claims were again revisited in February of 2018.


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